Oliver And Philippa Perks With B31KL

Oliver and Philippa Perks have been members of the RREC for very many years and he has owned and driven R-R or Bentley cars for over fifty of them. Therefore it is sad to relate that he intends to give up driving in September and sell B31KL, his beloved 4.25L MKVI. He bought it when he retired because it was more suitable local transport than the Continental he owned at the time.

B31KL is a famous car, it belonged to renowned Locomotive photographer Ivo Peters and it appears in some of his photographs. Ivo used the car for many years and clocked up an enormous mileage before asking Oliver (who was working for the local R-R agents at the time) to find him something newer. He bought an R type and B31KL was sold to an acquaintance who kept it for fifteen years until 1985 when Oliver took it over and had it restored. By then it had covered over 300,000 miles!

Ivo Peters was a Champion of the Somerset and Dorset Railway Company, S&D for short and Slow and Dirty to Oliver and many others that used it! Therefore it’s no surprise to learn that B31KL is going to a Director of the North Norfolk Railway Company and supporter of the S&D. He isn’t a member of the club yet but I understand that great pressure is being applied. I can’t think of a better home for this great old car.

Oliver and Phillipa are much loved in R-R circles, both are witty and charming and a vast source of knowledge. Everyone wishes them well and looks forward to seeing them at many more club events over the coming years.

Sadly both Oliver and Philippa have now passed away and they are sadly missed among the RREC circles.