It’s Time To Present A New Story About OLA 188

Our second rally took place in München and is called “10 Seen Classic Rallye” (10 lakes classic rally –
It leads from Munich to 10 lakes around the city and is not more than approx. 300km long. Over 140 cars are involved and every manufacturer was present with one or more cars – but only one Bentley!

The rally started in foggy weather – yes – also in Bavaria we have sometimes the same weather conditions as in Great Britain. But it took not long time to change in bright sun and a wonderful  “Indian Summer” in Bavaria.

The tasks of the rally did differ from our experience from the “Alpen Rallye” and beside the normal “Sonderprüfungen” we had to answer several questions like: the height of a “Maibaum”  or, how many corks are in a bowl or like this…

This was our disaster. We can find our way, we can drive 10m in 10.8 seconds, OLA 188 can do everything but when you have to answer questions which are funny but difficult, we had problems.

Nevertheless the rally was wonderful the landscape fantastic, the route perfect and the other participants nice girls and easy boys.

After the rally we had a perfect menu with all the 300 driver and co-pilots and the price giving ceremony was also astonishing. The first 10 winner got a cup, we had place 11 and got experience!

We try harder next year!

Alexander Sporner