Bertie The Bentley

Since my childhood I had a strong interest in all matters Bentley and Rolls-Royce. At age 13 I went for the first time to a german RREC meeting in 1981 and became a club member in Autumn 1983. From the beginning of my interest I felt that the car I’d most like to have is a Mk VI. And even when visiting as a teenanger clubmeetings or the workshops of the dealerships here around I had my eyes always and only on these cars – instead of the latest models or any other type. But it needed until I became 40 years before I had my own Mk VI – after first trying out a Silver Cloud I, a Silver Shadow I, a Bentley S1 and a Silver Spirit.

B.214.NZ came to Germany in 1980 brought over by a Gentleman living in Hannover who had a similar interest for these cars.This Mk VI had been a wreck when it had come over to the continent as the previous keeper had to restore everything, and everything was done including body repair, repaint, engine overhaul! Really everything was done! But when he was ready, his personal circumstances had changed and the car had to be kept in his garage up from the mid 1980s until I came along in 2005 to rescue it. Now, everything is fine again but I hadn’t expected that re-commissioning is such a lot of work what has cost a little fortune. Final things to do are minor except for a paint job when the colour sheme will be changed from two-tone burgundy-grey into a single black.But this will have to wait until 2011 as I want to use her now after waiting so long to have my own MkVI!

Juergen and Ingrid Buech with Bertie, his Bentley Mk VI B214NZ

Jurgen Buch