Anthony Atwood’s MKVI B35MB

Anthony is a grandson of the Charles S Atwood who founded Charles S Atwood and co. a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar and Rover Main agent in Wolverhampton. His father sold KDA132 to Eddy Speelmans a Picadilly, London based, Art Dealer who was its first owner.

Anthony was working for Charles S Atwood and Co. in the nineteen sixties and took PPL999 in part exchange for a 3.4L Jaguar. He was so taken with it that he bought it from the company for �200! For years he did very little with it, he had bought a Derby Bentley that he kept for some years and a 3L Red Label WO Bentley Tourer by Vanden Plas. He was not over enamoured with the Red label model, in his words; I bought it for �85,000, spent �30,000 on it and then sold it back to the dealer for �83,000! Anthony feels that that the Derby and WO Bentley had overshadowed his MKVI but were not so pleasant to drive and so in 1990 he decided to have PPL999 completely restored by the leading specialists. He is reluctant to say how much he has spent but the car is a stunner and he has won a few Awards with it. It is Black with red leather upholstery.

Anthony loves his car very much, since its rebuild he has done about 22,000 miles in it taking it to France a number of times, attending the annual register event and the RREC Annual Rally. He uses his car as often as he can and finds driving it is both relaxing and enjoyable because it is quiet, smooth and very torquey. He will never sell it and jokes that he expects his son to bury him with it!