B336MD, My Latest Project

I am busy restoring a Bentley that has seen very bad times. Chassis no B336MD and engine no B. 168 M

I have many of the original documents of the car e.g. Registration Book issued 28 Jan 1952 where the car was registered in the name of Ernest Greverus Kleinwort. The second owner was Ivor Balfour in 1955. The 3rd owner R Haucrin in 1956. The 4th owner was Philip Vincent Gatty in 1958. I have lots of correspondence between Mr Gatty and the factory regarding a new instruction book and service and repairs to the car. The car then had 18 000 miles done. The next owner was a Arthur Bennett and then the 6th owner was the man that brought the car to South Africa. He was Mr Stanley Charles Seigal. I have the shipping documents of the car and it landed here In Port Elizabeth days after I were born the same city. What a coincidence. The car went to Mr Seigal’s farm in the Grahamstown area. It developed a problem with the cooling system and therefore not used anymore. The car stood under a tree for years not protected from the elements. The soft top and seats were damaged beyond repair. A Mr John Willets, who was a neighbouring farmer and great car enthusiast made a deal with Mr Seigal to restore the car in exchange for the use of it. He later bought the car at a very reduced price from Mr Seigal’s Estate. So Mr Willets became the 7th owner. He could never find the overheating fault either. I inherited the car from Mr Willets last year and started  to restore it. I removed the head with great effort and think I found the overheating problem. Between the block and the water pump there is a little gully that was completely blocked. It was so bad that I had to drill it open. No circulation could take place with this blockage.

Now after all that I come to my question. Where can I find new head studs and nuts for this car? It is the 4.566 cc engine. I damaged all of the head bolts to get the head off. I manufactured a puller to pull it off with no result. It did not move. I ended up welding nuts on top of the studs and then very carefully undoing them. Couple broke off and I had all my time getting them out of the block. You should know. It is almost an impossible task.

Do you perhaps know how many of these car were made in this style . I found a few on the Internet but usually only when they change hands. I would appreciate any other info you can provide me that you think I should be aware off. What oil should I fill the hydraulic roof system with? It is in good working order but the oil looks very bad and old. It is very low too so I would like to replace it.

Hein Van Zyl