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Those who are interested in greater detail need to read some of the books that have been published on the subject and these are available from the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club or the Bentley Drivers Club.

The RREC is a large club with sections all over the country that organise regular events.

The Bentley Drivers Club is smaller and may mean travelling further, but both clubs are extremely hospitable and friendly and give so much help, it really does make sense to join.

In the US there is an RROC and there's a Phantom III Technical Society and in Australia there is an RROC. Unlike the RREC much of their sites are open to non-members and well worth a visit.

Other Bentley Drivers Clubs, and sites of interest for Bentley owners around the world include:




Australia (North West Region):

Australia Rolls-Royce and Bentley owner's forum:


South Africa: and and


New Zealand:


interesting Rolls-royce sites

There is an unusual site called Bentley Spotting which is fun. Take a look at:

About S2 Continentals:

Shadows and derivatives:

Another about Shadows:

The Rossfeldt-pages:

The 20-Ghost-Club:

Pre-war RR, Bentley and DFP:

The official R Type Continental site:

The Silver Cloud Society:


Video by Gunnar Heinrich: Silver Spur

A few other sites that might be of interest:

Bristol Owners Club:

Spencer Lane-Jones Limited for Maintenance & Restoration:

For sales of Bristols visit Andrew Blow's site at: or email Andrew at

For the Bristol Cars Limited official site:

The Alvis Owner's Club can be found at:

If you're a Frazer Nash fan, take a look at Bob Schmitt's wonderful site:

Read the Classic Driver magazine online or subscribe to their newsletter:

There is a wealth of information at the Cars of Australia site both classic and new:

Historic Sporting Trials Association:

Casual Cars Blog:  

Parts and repairs

Crewe Classic Six supply differentials for Rolls-Royce and Bentleys 1945 - 1965, and is run by Norman Geeson who is well respected with regulars.

The International Rolls-Royce & Bentley Parts Specialists. Stockists of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Healey Brothers & Prestige Parts. All models catered for and those needing items for '46-'55 cars should speak to Struan.

Flying Spares is a new website offering a comprehensive amount of spares along with a good sales section as well. Contact Ben Handford.

Roy Judd's website is well worth a visit of you are looking, manuals or practically anything for you car. You will simply never believe how much he has for sale and most of it is difficult to find anywhere.

Flexolite make filter adaptors and hoses for most post-war British cars including the three different full flow filters used on MKVI, R Types, Silver Wraiths, Silver Dawns, S1s and Silver Clouds.

Jack Barclay are the official pre '65 R-R spares distributor and this links list everything they hold. Club members get 10% discount.

Dyer's International Ltd

3DZ for led light conversions to improve your visibility to other road users without spoiling the appearance of the car. Note that LEDs are polarity sensitive.

Service Centre Exhausts

FJ Payne and Son are one of the countries top engine reconditioning companies and that they specialise in amongst others; Rolls-Royce and Bentley Engines.

Cerobear for small runs of exptionally high quality ball or roller bearings.

For that part you can't find anywhere, try Cameron Racing Engines who manufacture high precision parts to order mainly for JAP engines but may be able to help.

Speedy Cables for instrument repairs and restoration and new speedometer and rev counter cables.

Framptons for hassle free supply of all types of number plate right back to early cast aluminium ones.

Keith Ardley Reflector Re-silvering Service makes and restores all the lights for our cars and many others including Bristols and his prices are very competitive. He also undertakes the restoration and the supply of parts for lucas lamps pre 1950/s.

Tel: 01353 778493


Vintage Motor Spares for electrical parts, fittings & accessories for Vintage and Classic vehicles visit.

Classic Wings Limited is based in Northampton, England and they manufacture (by hand) body repair panels for classic cars and in particular Rolls-Royce and Bentley postwar models. Contact Steve Waddington or Rick Beasley.

Stafford Vehicle Components or SVC specialise in Lights, Switches, Mirrors, Looms and fans for Classic and Kit Cars.

Take a look at Past Parts who supply all parts for old brakes and that they re-sleeve irreplaceable cylinders and servo units.

For the largest collection of carburettors and spares in the world, take a look at The Carburettor Hospital.

Missing a badge on your car? Try Atlantis Classics for a fantastic range of high quality classic car badges and other motoring merchandise.

Morgan Spares may be able to find that missing part for you as they also deal in Bentley Spares. They mainly deal on eBay. Click on the Items for Sale link under the outline of a person to see their current range.


McKenzie Guppy specialise rebuilding and restoring vintage Bentley and Rolls Royce motor cars. They also provide a full maintainance service.

Tel: 01258 480029

Check out Gene Epstein's wonderful site for loads of information and an amazing collection of photos.

Alpine Eagle for one of the finest restorers of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys in the UK, ask for John Hodson.

Hillier Hill are specialist Rolls Royce and Bentley dealer/restorer.

When it comes to re-newing your upholstery and trim from a Rolls-Royce to an Austin 7, Richard James specializes in the highest standard of craftsmanship with years of experience, and giving his customers that extra personal touch.


Take a look at Classic Cars For Sale for an excellent selection of all kinds of cars to fit your budget from pre-war to modern classics.

Classic Driver is one of the best international sites to find the car of your dreams.

There is a wealth of information about classic cars generally at Old Classic Cars, which is well worth a visit, and if you go to the Free Ads section and scroll down to the links to the Bentley pages, there are items for sale, information and links to eBay sales.


Original Rolls-Royce literature from McLellans Automotive.

Unrelated but interesting links

Couture dressmaking from Alison Pordum. The Queen’s former in-house dressmaker is now able to offer a bespoke couture dressmaking service.

Gimell Records and the Tallis Scholars have devoted their careers to bringing a highly characterised ensemble 'sound' to the public through the greatest unaccompanied choral music.

For and amazing collection of images from the motoring past, take a look at the Bodleian Library/Toyota City Imaging Project.

For a more interesting type of watch try Pilots Watches.

Fancy a holiday with a difference in Malaysia? Why not contact Andrew Lee at Suba Diving Malaysia and learn to scuba dive while visiting this beautiful country.

For Art collectors, Jon Noott's Galleries in the outstandingly beautiful town of Broadway Worcestershire offer a very wide selection of paintings of truly outstanding quality.

For beautiful paintings of historical cars, portraits and English scenes, it's well worth a look at the webpage of Johnny Jonas. Why not commission a painting of your car!

Take a look Terance Coventry's fascinating sculpture and drawing.

For fascinating designs in ceramics have a look at Alison Wiffen's work.

Alexander Creswell is a brilliant watercolourist and a keen Rolls-Royce and Bentley fan.

For portraits of your favourite pets and animals take a look at the excellent work of Catherine Sharpley.